Cyprus is a very popular holiday destination for people all over the world. It has a long and diverse history which has made it the island it is today. Here are some facts about the country that you may not know.

It Is The Sunniest Place In Europe

Cyprus has over three hundred days of sunshine every year which makes it the sunniest place in Europe. In the summer months, there can be up to thirteen hours of daylight. The island also receives very little rainfall throughout the year.

It Is Said To Be The Birthplace Of Aphrodite

The island is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. The island is also sometimes referred to as the playground of the Gods. Aphrodite is one of the most well known of all the Greek Gods.

It Produces The Oldest Wine In The World

A wine called Commandaria is produced in Cyprus and this wine has been made here for over 5000 years. It is a red wine that has quite a sweet taste to it and is very popular with visitors to the island.

It Was Host To An English Royal Wedding

The only English royal wedding to be held abroad took place in Cyprus in 1191. The English King Richard The Lionheart married Queen Joanna at Limassol castle when he was part of the Crusades.

There Are More Cats Than Humans On The Island

Cats were first introduced to the island in order to get rid of all the snakes that could be found there. Today they are the most common species of animal found on the island.

It Has 64 Blue Flag Beaches

The Blue Flag is awarded to beaches in Europe that are considered to be the cleanest. Cyprus is well known for its beaches and the majority of these have been awarded the Blue Flag.

They Achieved Independence From Britain In 1960

Cyprus was colonized by Great Britain for almost one hundred years and gained their independence in August 1960. The Day of Independence is celebrated every year on 1st October. There are still British military bases that can be found on the island.

Despite Being An Island They Don’t Do A Lot Of Fishing

Most Mediterranean islands are known for their fishing industries but this is not the case in Cyprus. Fishing is hardly even done as a hobby. Fish does not form a large part of the diet in Cyprus which is unusual for Mediterranean countries.

They Drive On The Left

Cyprus is only one of four European countries where people drive on the left. Roads in Cyprus can get very busy as most residents of the island will use their car rather than walk.

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The Map Of The Country Is On Their Flag

The map of Cyprus can be found on the flag of the country and this is something that is very unique. There is only one other country in the world that also has a flag like this and that is Kosovo.