The whole home water filters are installed in a place which can provide a water connection to all the parts of the house. There are multiple water sources in your house which are connected to a junction connected to a water filter. It allows filtered water to all the parts of your house, such as kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets, showerheads, or washing machine.

There are physical, chemical and biological contaminants present in the tap water, and sometimes even radiological contaminants which can be filtered for using clear water. The factors while choosing the right whole home water filter include flow rate, filter life, and port size. Here are our top picks from the best whole house water filter brands to help you pick the best for your home.

Express Water WH300SCKS

It is a 3-stage home water filtration system which clears sediment, KDF, and carbon filters to provide clear and contamination-free water. It features a translucent filter for removing dust and sediment, which can be monitored for cleaning. Each filter can last for 100,000 gallons for 6-12 months. It has a twist-off design for quick replacement. It has high-pressure gauge connected the housing to provide the right flow. It also has the standard 1”  connections for easy availability of parts and high-flow rate.

iSpring WKB32B

iSpring WKB32B

This whole house filter features a three-state 5-micron filtration system. The first filter removes the dust and large size particles which can clog the other filters. The second filter is a 5-micron CTO coconut shell carbon block filter which is highly capable of removing the targeted contaminants and bad taste and odours. The third filter is effective in removing organic and industrial chemicals.

Home Master MHF3SDGFEC

This water filter is highly efficient in removing all types of contamination from the groundwater without compromising on the water pressure around the house. Its 3 stage system comes with a 25-micron surface, 10-micron layer, 5-micron layer, and 1-micron inner core in the first stage to enhance the removal of bacteria and chemicals. The second stage reduced manganese, sulfur, and iron which prevents the water heaters from getting damaged. The last stage has a coconut shell carbon which promises maximum contamination removal and also clears chlorine, taste, chemical, and odour of the water without compromising much on the water pressure.

Culligan WH-HD200-C

It is a 1” sediment water filter which comes with a clear bowl for observing the level of filtering. It is suitable for clearing the dirt and large particles from the water for all your house fixtures. It comes with 1” in and out water flow with a pressure range of 30-100 PSI. This is an affordable filter which is suitable for providing dirt-free clear water for your home purposes. Also, check out water ionizer reviews for homeowners to add to this filter for better quality water.